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About  Us

The Historical Society of Montgomery County was first established in 1913 when a small group of local like-minded individuals came together with the common interest of discussing and preserving the history of Montgomery County. The mission of the Society is to discover and collect any materials which may help to establish or illustrate the history of the county: its exploration, settlement, development, and activities; its progress in population, education, arts, agriculture, industry, trade, and transportation.

The Harkey House, built in 1834 by Solomon Harkey, was donated to the Society in 1968 by Ivan Lingle, owner of Lingle Motors. The house was moved one block south to it's present location at 305 S. Broad Street in Hillsboro. The Harkey House became the cornerstone of the Historical Society and was opened for the public's enjoyment. Many adults and school-age children have passed through the doors of the Harkey House to view and examine life as it was when the Harkeys lived there.

Directly behind the Historic Harkey House sits a building that was the first one-room schoolhouse in Hillsboro. Through the years it has seen many updates and changes to make it a livable dwelling. The structure is now being transformed into the new Montgomery County Museum and will house rotating exhibits throughout the year.

Hours of operation for both the Montgomery County Museum and the Historic Harkey House will be posted at a later date. 

The Historical Society of Montgomery County is a registered not-for-profit organization and receives no Federal or State funding. We rely on donations and help from people like you. 


Linda Zimmer - President

Mike Rappé - First Vice President

Susan Marten - Second Vice President

Linda Guthrie - Secretary

Carol Calvert - Treasurer

Dee Moytcka - Board Member

Jim May - Board Member

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