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Lincoln Among Friends

Looking for Lincoln is the coordinating entity for the 43-county Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area, which works to tell the story of Lincoln’s years in Illinois communities where he worked, traveled and lived.


Lincoln visited Hillsboro numerous times from his early legislative years until he was elected President. His best friends here were Joe and Jane Eccles, who lived in a two-story house on the southeast corner of Berry and Water streets.


Lincoln spoke at a political rally on the courthouse steps on July 15, 1843 and again on July 20, 1844. When he was a candidate for the Illinois Senate, he delivered a campaign speech on Sept. 9, 1858, at the Hillsboro fairgrounds, now the campus of Beckemeyer School.  


As a lawyer, Lincoln filed court cases here at the Montgomery County Courthouse, and he stayed overnight and visited with friends at the former Blockburger Inn on the corner of South Main and Tillson Streets. 


On this tour, you will visit places where Lincoln made speeches and spent time with friends, as well as sites related to the Lincoln era. The tour is available here.

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